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Quiet - Clean - Convenient - Secure

I've stayed in enough crashpads to know what makes a good one.  You want a quiet, peaceful place to get a good sleep, close to the airport, and stuff to do in the area.  This crashpad offers a relaxing place to rest with lots of amenities in a quiet setting 6 minutes from MSP but not under the flight path.  Public transportation to the airport is available 22 hours a day every 10 minutes (on average).   Space Availability: May, 2013


  • High speed internet + wifi
  • Desktop Computer & printer
  • Full cable package
  • Free long distance
  • Nearly 24 hour public transportation to/frm airport
  • Semi-private sleeping cubicles
  • Quiet, relaxing, and comfortable
  • All utilities
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Confirmed online scheduling
  • Plenty of Space
  • No long term leases


Rates are $230 month.  A crashpad is not meant for full time living, however those arrangements are available. Please ask.

Stuff To Do

The crashpad is located on the light rail line which runs from the airport to Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis.  There is a wide variety of activites along the fifteen stops.  I've done the legwork for you, see the Transportation link for detailed information about what's available at each stop.


An important consideration in chosing a crashpad is transportation to/from the airport. Other considerations include how convenient is transportation, how far do you have to drag your bags through the snow, and is it cheap? This crashpad front door is 50 yards from the public light rail that takes you directly inside the airport terminal in 6 minutes. No car required. The train runs 22 hours a day every 10 minutes (on average). There is no other crashpad in Minneapolis which is closer to the rail line nor provides the shortest commute to the airport. 


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