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Sample Budget While In Training

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There are three kinds of expenses during your CFI training regardless of where you attend. 
  1. Tuition (Ground Training & Flight Instruction):  $2,000 course fee + $400 consumable materials fee  (ordered prior to course start).  If two students want to attend the class together, and register together, the fee is $1,750 + $400 consumable materials fee per student.
  2. Aircraft Rental:  Flight Instruction included, aircraft is not included.  Rental aircraft can be arranged for non owners. Basic aircraft can be obtained for $85-$105 per hour.  Any required endorsements are included (high performance or complex) at no additional charge.   For budget purposes, assume 10 hours for those who are right seat proficient.
  3. Room & Board: You need to eat right?  And a place to sleep out of the rain?

Sample Budget & Tips for Reducing Expenses

Tips for Reducing Expenses

1.  The first day of class, talk to your fellow students about sharing accommodations.

Eat breakfast at the hotel lobby if provided.

3.  Use local grocery stores to purchase food to keep in hotel refrigerators.

4.  Come to training right seat qualified, then all you have to do is hone your flying skills for the checkride.


Compare the other programs:

Ground & Flight
Training Included
Airplane Rental
Room & Board
14-Day CFI, this program, CFI Academy $2,000 YES
10-Day CFI, Airman $4,500 YES
YES, limited
9-Day CFI, Double Eagle $3,995 YES
YES, limited NO
7-Day CFI, Sheble $3,995 YES
YES, limited NO

“Not long ago, when I was a student in college, just flying an airplane seemed a dream. But that dream turned into reality.”
— Charles A. Lindbergh, The Spirit of St. Louis, 1953

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