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About Us

We started out in 2005 publishing aviation flashcards for helicopter pilots.  After selling thousands of sets out of the back of his car, Flight Instructor Darren Smith decided to publish flashcards for other areas of aviation.  With professional packaging, a business was born and today, a mature product line of flashcards stands ready. 

People of all walks of life can learn better by using flashcards.  As brainscape states, "It friggin' works.  Flashcards are hands-down the most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain factual knowledge." 

If you're a flashcard author and you want to publish your own set of flashcards of about 250 or 500 cards, we can help you.  We have two services: 1) we can produce flashcards for you at wholesale prices, or 2) We'll brand, publish, market, and distribute while paying you the highest royalties.  Contact us with your ideas.

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