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Aviation Ground Schools

Hillsborough Community College Continuing Education offers a full complement of Aviation Ground training. The following courses are an adjunct to flight training you may be contemplating or currently taking. 

Held in conjunction with:

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Why is ground school important?

  • This forms the foundation of all your future flying experiences. 
    Jumbo Jet Landing Flare
  • It translates theory into clear and meaningful concepts that you can use! 
  • It covers more than just the knowledge  required to pass the tests. 
  • It's an excellent value:  group instruction is more efficient than $40-50/hour one-on-one instruction.
  • It provides you support while you are learning.  Other students are a support system to keep you motivated and eager to learn more. 
  • If you chose an airline career, ground school is standard procedure — you'll have an advantage by utilizing formal ground training early in your career.
  • Read one student's experience:  http://www.ahardmantofind.com/flying/learningtoflyground.cfm
Course Benefits:
  • FAA pilot certificates & ratings require that you take both a written and a practical (checkride) exam. By taking a formal ground school, you will be prepared to successfully pass the written and oral examinations. 
  • Safety:  These courses are designed to give you the basic fundamentals of safe airplane flight. By taking this class you will be preparing yourself to take other more advanced courses designed to increase your abilities and access to the skies. 
  • Quality:  These are definitely NOT a test cramming course. We cover the basics in depth, not only so that you will pass your oral exam, but also so that you will be prepared for a lifetime of safe flying. 
  • Excellent Value:  Group training is much cheaper than paying $40/hour for 40 hours of ground instruction.
  • GuidanceDuring this course, we will help you find a good flight instructor at one of the local FBOs. If you are not sure what your next steps are, we'll help.
  • Guaranteed:  Former attendees may return and attend any or all of the sessions of future ground schools FREE.
  • FREE flight training: for some programs (aircraft owners & instrument rating students only), free flight training is offered to help you get started.  No one can beat this offer.
  • These courses can be taught anywhere.  If you have ten or more students, we can bring any of these courses to you. 

Course Goals:

  • Acquire a knowledge base that will form the foundation of your flight training, as well as your flying after your practical test (the check-ride).
  • Acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the FAA Test.
    • Two out of ten fail these tests the first time!
    • IF you complete the reading and study assignments, you will pass the written exam the first time.
  • Acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the oral exam portion of the FAA checkride.

Upcoming Classes & More Information

Choose from:   Private Pilot  |  Instrument  |  Multi-Engine  |  CFI Academy  |  Helicopter  |   Free Safety Seminars

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