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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cessna 182T

What are the pre-requisites?

In order to be ready for the checkride upon our return, you must have 50 hours PIC cross-country, 40 hours PIC instrument (hood) time, a passing score on the instrument written exam, and meet PTS standards.

What if I don't have the pre-requisites?

A 10-day program is available at a slightly higher rate.   Additional training days are available at a reduced rate.

How much actual flying time will I get?

You will fly 100% of the time as you are PIC for the full program. You will fly some of the most unique and challenging approaches in the South East. Most participants leave with 18-20 hours cross country and 10-15 approaches in a three day program.   Deviations and weather may cause these numbers to go up, never down.

What if I want a custom program?

Custom trips are available, with custom topics such as mountain flying, Canadian flight operations, border crossing procedures, and VFR sight-seeing.  This is a meant to be unique training experience that you'll remember.  See the IFR Adventure Trip Reports to see what others have done.

Can you come to me?

The 7 day IFR Rating or IFR Adventure programs can be completed anywhere. Customized itineraries are available and encouraged.  You are responsible for the instructor's lodging, transportation, and meals.

What is included in the 3-day program?

All instruction, as much as 35 hours of instruction (ground & flight). Additional provided study materials include the PTS, Oral exam prep guide, Checkride Reviewer, and the instrument ground school is available to you at no additional cost. 

What extra expenses will I be responsible for?

Enroute charts & plates, aircraft expenses including fuel & insurance, all meals for you and your flight instructor, all ground transportation, lodging for you and your instructor, any taxes & fees including landing & entry fees, and any personal expenses you might encounter.

What if I need to cancel the my scheduled trip?

 The deposit is a non-refundable.  If your reserved time can be filled with other students, then your deposit would be applied to a future date. If you schedule a block of time, that time is reserved for you exclusively.  If you cancel, that represents significant lost income.  The deposit is your guarantee that you will use the time you scheduled.

What if I don't return the DVD Training Package?

This is an exclusive collection of training DVDs worth $500.  If you don't return them, you'll be expected to pay for them prior to starting your training program.  Don't forget to bring them with you on the first day of training as I need to send them to the next registered student.

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Prerequisites for Instrument Rating:Map of 3 Day IFR Adventure

You'll be ready for your checkride immediately upon completion if you:
  • have read and understand the Instrument Rating Checkride Reviewer and the Oral Exam prep guide.  Both are provided with the program.
  • have a passing score on your  instrument written, 
  • have at least 50 hours PIC cross country, 
  • have at least 40 hours of instrument time
  • meet PTS requirements
Those that don't meet these requirements, will receive up to five additional instruction hours free.  This can be completed before or after the trip.


This program starts on a Friday.  Check the schedule for availability.  Other routes & start dates are available for this highly individualized program.  See Trip Reports for examples of previous student accomplishments. 

Participant Comments:

“The best instrument training experience since I got my rating.  Since I already had my instrument rating, this was a real confidence builder.”  Dave H

“My instructor knew all the secrets to real cross country flying.” John D

“My confidence has never been this high.” Darius L

"A very valuable experience, I learned a lot." Ralph S

"I'll never get this much actual IFR experience on my own in the next 5 years."  Mark B

"This was an experience of a lifetime, I'll always be able to say I did this."  Scott H

"There is no subsitute for going out in the system like this and dealing with all the practical aspects of cross country IFR" John C

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