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ATP Training Profile

by Darren Smith

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For those of you interested in the ATP certificate, the following is a list of the training maneuvers to obtain the certificate.

  • Normal and Crosswind Takeoffs +/- 5º +/- 5 kts
  • Instrument Take Off t or before 100AGL +/- 5º +/- 5 kts
  • Rejected takeoff (<50% Vmc) - aborts takeoff after recognizing failure
  • Engine Failure on Takeoff (Critical engine at or above 500AGL) +/- 5ºheading +/- 5 kts, bank 5º into operative engine
  • Departure Procedures
  • Steep Turns (Above 3000AGL:  45º +/-100feet +/- 10kts +/- 10º roll-out heading)
  • Stalls (Departure, Clean, & Approach stalls to first indication, 1 with 15-30º bank)
  • Powerplant Failure (Shut down above 3000AGL +/- 100 feet +/- 10º)
  • Recovery From Unusual Attitudes
Instrument Procedures
  • STAR (+/- 10 kts +/- 10º heading +/- 100 feet)
  • Holding  (+/- 10º +/- 100feet)
  • Precision Approach (TWO:  Single Engine and Multi Engine to DA, +/-10º, +/-100, no more than 1/4 needle deflection after FAF)
  • Non-Precision (TWO: different LOC/VOR/GPS, one with procedure turn)
  • Circling Approach (-0/+100feet) to a Landing +/- 5 kts
  • Missed Approach (TWO: precision & non-precision, 1 Single Engine go-around & 1 complete published missed approach)
  • Normal and Crosswind
  • Landing from a precision approach
  • Single Engine landing
  • Landing from a circling approach
  • Rejected Landing at 50AGL  +/- 5 kts climb speed
  • Landing from No-Flap approach
Emergency Procedures: Emergency descent, smoke, electrical, etc.

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