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Reply to Captain Anonymous

by Anthony T
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Note from Darren:  At the risk of turning a flight instructor website into political arena football, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this well considered response to Captain Anonymous' 3rd article regarding America's standing in the world.

Great article from Capt Anonymous.  Unfortunately, it comes way too late.  He makes it sound like this just started occurring recently.  On the contrary - this has been going on for a long, long time.  To point the finger at Walmart and say that "they are to blame" is quite hypocritical.  I'd like to ask Capt. Anonymous when the last time was that he shopped there.  Bet it was quite recent.  And, if says he hasn't, and sticks to his guns, I'd then ask him where he went to buy his last set of sneakers, or maybe bar-b-que grill.  What would he say? Kmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears?  The fact is that all of these companies sell merchandise that originates primarily in, you guessed it, China. 

This is not to say that I am supporter of Walmart.  On the contrary - I personally cannot stand going there.  I think their establishments are ridiculously disgusting and completely understaffed.  Unfortunately, I have no other choice sometimes because the old mom and pop hardware store was put out of business by them.  And to make matters worse, it’s not only China that it tearing away at the US economy.  Try adding India to your list.  They are just as bad. 

To give you an example, my employer has about a 50-50 mix of full-timers to contractors.  And you know where these contractors are from?  You guessed it – India.  To make matters worse, that’s just the number of contractors that are here locally in the office.  There are many more back in the homeland that telecommute.  Funny thing happened here at my place of employment about 4 weeks ago.  Everyone got an email notice indicating that they were required to attend a diversity training seminar.  Of course I did not attend but hearing from the ones who did, you know what they were taught?  They were taught about the Indian culture.  For example – we should not point at these people with our finger or point our feet at them.  Yes, I know, our feet.  It was basically an hour of them telling us what their culture is like.  Now, do you see something wrong with this?

Why the heck should I care what their culture is like?  Like I really care what the red dot on the forehead denotes or that you use curry in your meals.  I could care less.  Bottom line is that I’m here to do a job.  Period.  And besides, they live in OUR country.  So why don’t we offer them a course on American culture? So, what I think we need to do is stop pointing the finger and start taking action. 

This country has always been huge on innovation.  We need to work together and to determine how to win this battle.   How do we do this you ask?  Well, we have a process in place to handle concerns such as this.  It’s called politics.  You probably laugh at this but it’s true.  The politicians are the people WE pay to LEAD us through thick and thin.  Unfortunately, there has been no leadership lately.  Well let me rephrase – we were led to a nonsense war with a country that never posed a threat to us.  Do you have any idea why the economy is doing as well as it is presently?  Because of the war.  Keep in mind that the US government is the largest consumer in the country.  If/when they stop funding the war, the rivers of cash, which essentially touch every industry out there, will dry up. 

I hope you are prepared for a massive recession because it is on the horizon.  We have paid, and will continue to pay big bucks for this mistake.  It will not go away over night. For the 4 or 5 years that we’ve been fighting this war, could have focus our resources on things like energy.  This is a huge area that’s just dying to be tapped.  And by energy, I don’t mean just oil or gas.  I mean all energy.  Think for a second what would happen to the Saudi economy if we cut our dependence of oil by half and replaced it with something else.  Something that WE developed.  Think of how that would help companies here in the states.  It’s a whole new opportunity.  This is just one way to revive this economy.  There are many more ways out there. We just need to get off our a$$es and challenge people to find them.

Ok, I’m done for now.  I wish I could say ‘let’s spool up these engines and get the hell out of here’ but I can’t.  Not rated for a 777.  So I’d have to say lets fire up my 172sp and try to get off the ground on this hot day.
[Clear Prop]

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