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100 Heroes of Aviation

From First Flight Centennial Committee  Click this link to see the capsule biographies of the individuals listed here.
    Louis Blériot
    Glenn Curtiss
    Baroness Raymonde De Laroche
    Benjamin Foulois
    Samuel Langley
    Glenn Martin
    Ludwig Prandtl
    Harriet Quimby
    Charlie Taylor
    Theodore Von Kármán
    Orville Wright
    Wilbur Wright

    Geoffrey De Havilland
    Donald Douglas
    Allan Lockheed
    William "Billy" Mitchell
    Edward "Eddie" Rickenbacker
    Sir Thomas Sopwith
    Elmer Sperry
    Lawrence Sperry
    Elmer Stone
    Baron Manfred von Richthofen

    Walter Beech
    William Boeing
    Clyde Cessna
    Jimmy Doolittle
    Amelia Earhart
    Robert Goddard
    William Lear, Sr.
    Charles Lindbergh
    James McDonnell
    Willi Messerschmitt
    Wiley Post
    Frank Andrews
    Harry Combs
    Benjamin Davis
    Ernst Heinkel
    Elrey Jeppesen
    Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
    Jack Northrop
    William Piper, Sr
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Igor Sikorsky
    Cyrus "C.R." Smith
    Hans J.P. Von Ohain
    Sir Frank Whittle

    Henry "Hap" Arnold
    Richard Bong
    Jacqueline Cochran
    Marcel Dassault
    Charles Draper
    Barry Goldwater
    Robert "Bob" Hoover
    Curtis LeMay
    Francis Rogallo
    Paul Tibbets, Jr.
    Hoyt Vandenberg
    Charles Yeager

    A. Scott Crossfield
    Hugh Dryden
    Yuri Gagarin
    John Glenn
    Jeanne Holm
    Sergei Pavolovich Korolev
    Walter "Wally" Schirra
    Bernard Schriever
    Alan Shepard
    Wernher Von Braun
    Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
    Neil Armstrong
    Frank Borman
    Michael Collins
    Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
    James Lovell, Jr.
    Geraldine Mock
    Robin Olds
    Thomas Stafford
    Valentina Tereshkova

    George Brown
    Daniel "Chappie" James
    Martha King
    Donald "Deke" Slayton
    Emily Howell Warner

    George H. Bush
    Mae Jemison
    Joe Kittinger
    Bruce McCandless
    Tom Poberezny and Paul Poberezny
    Sally Ride
    Burt Rutan
    Dick Rutan
    Patty Wagstaff
    Jeana Yeager

    Colleen Barrett
    Margaret Sidonie Sansom Bosin
    Eileen Collins
    Jane Garvey
    Marion Jayne
    Shannon Lucid
    Sheila Widnall

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