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Life Stress Events

by Darren Smith, CFII/MEI
PocketLearning, May, 2007
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These are the things affecting pilots:

 1.  Death Of A Spouse
 2.  Divorce
 3.  Marital Separation
 4.  Imprisonment
 5.  Death Of A Close Relative
 6.  Personal Injury Or Illness
 7.  Marriage
 8.  Fired From A Job
 9.  Marital Reconciliation
10.  Retirement
11.  Illness Of A Relative
12.  Pregnancy
13.  Sexual Problems
14.  Birth Or Adoption
15.  Business Readjustment
16. Change In Financial Status
17. Death Of A Close Friend
18. Change To Different Work
19. Increased Arguments With Spouse
20. Mortgage Or Loan For Major Purchase
21. Foreclosure On Mortgage Or Loan
22. Change In Job Responsibilities
23. Child Leaving Home
24. Problems With In-Laws
25. Outstanding Personal Achievement
26. Spouse Begins Or Stops Work
27. Begin Or End School
28. Change In Living Conditions
29. Changing Personal Habits
30. Problems With Your Boss
31. Change In Work
32. Hours/Conditions
33. Change: Residence-School-Recreation
34. Church Or Social Activities
35. Mortgage Or Loan
36. Change In Sleeping Habits
37. Change In Family Gatherings
38. Change In Eating Habits
39. Vacation
40. Any Festivals
41. Minor Law Violation

Why is this important?  See more information in the article: The Heinrich/Smith Safety Triangle

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