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Flight Instructors, Help Your Students Know Instantly: 
The Easiest Way to Figure Out Holding Entries

Holding patterns baffle most students.  I see a lot of students holding up three fingers to the DG and mumbling nonsense to themselves. No doubt you've seen the same thing. In order to end the confusion, use the Visi-Hold, the easiest way to figure out your holding entry.  Works with standard holds and non-standard holds (left turns).   The Visi-Hold package comes complete with Visi-Hold template, directions, and two articles on holds: All About Holding and Holding Simplified.

No complicated slide rule!

Works just by holding it up to the heading indicator.

You'll pay no less than $14.95 for a complicated sliderule holding pattern calculator made by ASA. That's not even including shipping!  Those of you who know what real IFR is like know that you can't fool around with a sliderule while the airplane is bouncing around. Instead, get the original Visi-Hold, helping pilots to instantly know the holding pattern entry since 2000. 

CFI Discount!

Here's a chance for Flight Instructors to own Visi-Hold at a rock bottom cost because I know you'll help your students.  The only thing I ask is that you prove your a CFI when you order.  Also, you can order more than one and resell to your students at the same discount given to the big resellers who sell this in their stores and on their websites.  You'll charge your student the full retail price of $10.  All students have a 10-spot in their wallet and the profit goes directly to you so you can buy lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy more than 1 and resell to my students?
Yes. At this price, you get the same discount that I give the big volume resellers that sell my books on their website and in their stores.

Why are you doing this?
First, its hard to teach holding to some students and this is the quickest way to get them to understand holding pattern entries.  Second, CFIs are the lowest paid folks at the airport.  This offer is to make your job easier and when you resell to your students, you'll make a profit for your efforts.

Is this identical to the full retail product?
Yes, in every way.

Instrument Pilot Articles

IFR Checkride Reviewer

Visi-Hold Package for CFIs: $5.51 (discounted AND free shipping!)

If you're not a CFI, click here.  This discount is for CFIs only.

Friday, August 29, 2008 2:25 PM   To: cfidarren@yahoo.com

After spending several weeks trying to get holds correct during my instrument training, I came across your internet ad for the Visi-Hold.  What a neat invention!
When I received your package, I practiced with it a bit and then put it in with my IFR charts.  On my next fight, I took the Visi-Hold out when my instructor called for a hold and hit that teardrop entry perfectly.
Your Visi-Hold solved my problem quickly and efficiently for just $10.  If I would of had this sooner, I would have saved hundreds of dollars.
I took my instrument check ride last week and pulled out the visi-hold during the hold and placed it against the G1000 HSI.  At that precise time, the examiner decided that was my distraction time.  I was not distracted because the Visi-Hold laid out the proper teardrop entry.  I did pass my instrument checkride.  The Visi-Hold sure made me more relaxed.
I believe that the Visi-Hold should be required equipment for anyone in instrument training.
Ben M

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