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This page was designed to give you practice decoding Winds Aloft Reports.  When you're ready to see the answers...

How to read winds aloft reports (FD)

Winds aloft reports are used to calculate headwinds to determine time to destination.  Winds reported in degrees true north, temperature in °Celsius. 

Sample text of Winds Aloft (FD) report

Above is translated as:

Winds aloft report issued on the 14th day of the month at 1200 Zulu for use 0900 to 1500 Zulu.  Temperatures are always negative above 24,000 feet (MSL).


Codes reported as 9900 are light & variable.   To convert wind directions reported greater than 360, subtract a 5 from the first number to determine wind direction and add 100 to the wind group.  Example:  7508 = 250º at 108 knots.  Winds greater than 200 knots are reported as 199 knots.  Example:  7599 = 250º at 199 (> than 200kts).

EMI Winds Decoded




280 @ 7 knots



270 @ 15 knots

-7 C


270 @ 28 knots

-10 C


280 @ 42 knots

- 13 C


280 @ 67 knots

- 21 C


280 @ 91 knots

- 30 C


250 @ 110 knots

- 41 C


270 @ 111 knots

- 50 C


280 @ 108 knots

- 55 C

Interpolating for altitudes not reported winds aloft report (FD)

Winds aloft at 4,000'
Winds aloft at 7,500'
For ALB:
Winds aloft at 9,500'
Winds aloft at 11,500'
For STL:
Winds aloft at 12,500'
Winds aloft at 8,500'
When you're ready to see the answers...

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