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This page was designed to give you practice decoding METARs.  When you are ready for the answers...

KMIA 220853Z 13003KT 10SM FEW030 SCT060 23/16 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP194 $

KDSM 220854Z 33007KT 10SM BKN021 OVC027 M04/M07 A3032 RMK AO2 SLP278

KPHX 220851Z 27004KT 10SM BKN150 BKN250 17/M06 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP137

KMSP 220853Z 36013KT 9SM -SN FEW018 BKN030 OVC042 M03/M07 A3035 RMK AO2 SLP288

KLAX 220850Z VRB03KT 4SM HZ OVC010 15/12 A3005

PHNL 220853Z 01010KT 10SM FEW028 23/16 A3005

KLGA 220851Z 18005KT 4SM BR CLR 12/09 A2979

KSTL 220851Z 32015G19KT 8SM -SN OVC014 03/00 A3019

KDEN 220853Z VRB04KT 10SM FEW010 BKN024 M10/M12 A3028

KTLH 220853Z 16004KT 3SM RA BR SCT002 BKN025 OVC120 18/17 A3005 RMK AO2 RAB36 RAE51

KPNS 220853Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM SCT030 19/18 A2999
Weather Identifiers:
B - Began
BC Patches
BL Blowing
BR Mist
DR Low Drifting
DS Dust storm
DU Dust
DZ Drizzle
E - Ended
FC, +FC Funnel Cloud,
   Well-Developed Funnel Cloud
   Tornado or Waterspout
FG Fog
FU Smoke
FZ Freezing
GR Hail
GS Small Hail or Snow Pellets (< 1/4)
HZ Haze
IC Ice Crystals
MI Shallow
PE Ice Pellets
PO Well-Developed Dust/Sand Whirls
PR Partial
PY Spray
RA Rain
SA Sand
SG Snow Grains
SH Showers
SN Snow
SQ Squalls Moderate
SS Sandstorm
TS Thunderstorm
UP Unknown Precipitation
VA Volcanic Ash
VC In the Vicinity

- Light      + Heavy    
P More than     M Less than     
B Began     E Ended

Sky Conditions:
BKN – Broken cloud layer 5/8ths-7/8ths
CB – Cumulonimbus
CLR–Sky clear at or below 12,000AGL
FEW–Few cloud layer 0/8ths-2/8ths
OVC–Overcast cloud layer 8/8ths
SCT–Scattered cloud layer 3/8ths-4/8ths
SKC – Sky Clear
TCU – Towering Cumulus

A01 – Automated Observation without precipitation discrimination
A02 – Automated Observation with precipitation discrimination
A3000 – Altimeter setting 30.00”
AMD – Amended forecast
AUTO – without human editing
BECMG – Becoming… 
BECMG 0002 = becoming 00 to 02 Z

CAVU – Ceiling and visibility unlimited
COR – Correction
DSNT – Distant weather phenomenon
FM – From…  
FM0200 = from 0200 Zulu

FROPA – Frontal Passage
LDG – Landing
M – Minus, below zero, “less than”
NO – Not available
NSW – No significant weather
P6SM – Plus 6 Statute Miles, greater than, “more than”
PK WND – Peak Wind
PRESFR/PRESRR – Pressure Falling or Rising Rapidly
PROB40 – Probability of 40%
R04 – Runway 4
RMK – Remarks
RWY – Runway
RVRNO–Runway Visual Range not avail
SFC VIS – Surface Visibility
SLP – Sea Level Pressure, add 10 to numbers given
SLPNO – Sea Level Pressure not avail
SM – Statute miles
SPECI – Special Report
TEMPO – Temporarily… 
TEMPO 0002 = Temporarily 00 to 02 Z

T02560179–Temp 25.6 dew point 17.9
TWR VIS – Tower Visibility
V – Varying
VRB – Variable
VRB VIS – Variable Visibility
VV – Vertical Visibility, indefinite ceiling
WS – Wind shear
WSHFT - Wind shift

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